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Canton helps you to conquer new markets in a sustainable way, to make a name for yourself and a solid reputation to develop your turnover there.

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About Us

CANTON Export Management Company

is a completely independent private company that acts as an export sales department for knowledge-based, and SME companies. Focusing on the complex path of exports, using market management tools, we labor to provide up-to-date and professional export development

and empowerment services in the form of simplified processes to customers and clients

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Our Features

We believe that differentiation leads to superiority, so we try to compete with our competitors by creating advantages

Dedicated VoIP network
Equipped with a dedicated

Audio-Video communication network and softphone for international calls for online consultations and virtual office

International presence
Branch in

Turkey (Mersin), Germany (Hildesheim University Technology Park), Canada (Toronto), Russia (Kazan), Oman (Muscat), Cyprus (Famagosta)

Provide warehousing services

Provide warehousing services to facilitate exports and send samples to other countries

Our Skills

Exporting to different countries requires its own knowledge, experience and studies. Market research, needs assessment, determining the type of packaging, transportation, and evaluation of export readiness, as well as determining the price of export goods offered to the market, each have their own importance. Mistakes in any of these steps may result in the loss of the customer and the market of other countries or the loss of acceptable profits.

Export marketing
Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)
Calculate the price of goods for export
Coordination of transportation affairs

Our Services

International Marketing

In market research, we go beyond the usual primary and secondary research of export marketing, and after evaluating the export readiness, we will determine and implement critical points that need to be focused on the marketing plan in a customized way for each manufacturer and target market.

Online Virtual Office

Having the facilities of an office such as an international contact number, telephone secretary in English and Turkish, Russian and Arabic, and warehouses in different countries can be a great advantage for SME and knowledge-based companies that have prepared themselves for international markets.

Export Readiness Assessment (ERA)

One of the most important proceedings is to measure the readiness of companies to enter global markets effectively. CANTON uses the Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) model to evaluate the standard of export potential of its customers and helps them to reach a reliable export market.

Professional Mentoring

Consulting, planning, management, and implementation of the foreign sales process of products of industries and factories, Consulting for digital marketing and personal branding, Consulting in clearing all kinds of imported and exported goods from all customs of the country, export currency transfer

Specialized business events

One of the important and efficient tools in developing the export market is attending international trade events. We allow companies that are at the right level to participate in the export market to present their products at international exhibitions.

Pricing of export goods

Proper pricing, accurate quotation, selection of sales conditions and selection of payment methods are the four basic elements in the profitability of the sale of export goods. Among these four components the pricing strategy of export goods can be the most challenging.


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Join us in the large network of successful Iranian manufacturers and exporters.


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Our Team

We are a creative team of market management professionals, social strategists, customs and transportation professionals, software specialists, and financial managers who help SME companies to export their products to achieve their international business goals



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Pricing Table

1 Month

  • - Determining export pricing strategy
  • - Export readiness assessment
  • - Export, transport and financial consulting

3 Months

$ 400 + 2% commission
  • - One month free
  • - Marketing Research
  • - Determining export pricing strategy
  • - Export readiness assessment
  • - Export, transport and financial consulting

6 Months

$ 800 + 1.8% commission
  • - Two months free
  • - Marketing Research
  • - Determining export pricing strategy
  • - Export readiness assessment
  • - Export, transport and financial consulting
  • - External contact number

12 Months

$ 1,200 + 1.5% commission
  • - Three months free
  • - Marketing Research
  • - Determining export pricing strategy
  • - Export readiness assessment
  • - Export, transport and financial consulting
  • - Online virtual office
  • - External contact number
  • - Warehousing services

Work Process


Assessing the ability of SME Companies to communicate with foreign buyers is called ERA

Market research

the action or activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences in target market

Export price

Calculate costs that assess the fit of the price of the product to the target market and thus be able to compare the cost price with competitors

Export services

Set up a virtual representative office and facilitate international transportation and warehousing at the destination and negotiate with buyers

Our Blog

Our blog is a window to our work. It may even deliver our vision, personality, and be the focus of our website and the source of our newsletter subscriptions.


WHY Export Readiness Assessment (ERA) IS IMPORTANT?

export processes depend on different parameters and evaluation of the company's capability of the firm is one of the keys. analyzing the current situation and proper understanding of capabilities and requirements is the main condition for implementing a successful program. Accordingly, the developed and localized model of Export Readiness Assessment allows you to be aware of the shortcomings and corrective suggestions to resolve them while measuring your readiness

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What is an Export management company (EMC)?

An Independent private company acts as an export department for several non-competing manufacturers and suppliers, that is a consulting company with a broad experience and knowledge in exports. Export management consultants typically do not hold title to exported goods, making money instead from commissions paid on each export. The relationship with its clients is established through an International Consulting Contract.

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• What services does an export management company provide?

Identify international markets for your product or service. Locating customers overseas. Arranging agent/distributorship relationships. Preparing, negotiating, and handling all communication, documentation, and shipping logistics. Exhibiting at international trade shows. Traveling overseas to meet with potential customers. Setting up appropriate distribution channels.

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